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Naked Flock Cider

The Naked Flock is introducing people to a true Hudson Valley Hard Cider. "Our Cider is for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality." Says Cider maker Jonathan Hull.


Naked Flock Ciders are available in 3 varieties, Original, Draft and Pumpkin. Naked Flock Ciders are made from Fresh Hudson Valley Apples. "With the demand for gluten free diets and local sustainable products Hard Cider has come into it's own." Says the Cider maker. "We don't add water or grape spirits, flavorings or colorants and that's why when you open it and you smell it you get a big Apple nose. It gives it a look and feel that sets it apart from the competition."

The Original Cider is fermented with Champagne yeast and sweetened with a touch of local honey. Draft is a drier style fermented with Belgian Trappist Ale yeast and smoothed over with organic Maple syrup. The Pumpkin is fermented with fresh local Sugar pumpkins.

The Naked Flock Story is an old folk tale from the town of Warwick. There was a Pastor who was great friends with Moby Dick Author Herman Melville. Melville brought the Pastor a gift from a trip to the Orient. Seeds that the Pastor planted in his garden and grew into the most beautiful Poppies that anyone in the town had seen. One day the geese broke into the garden and ate the Poppies, and yes, they were those kind of Poppies. The geese fell into a sleep so deep that they were thought dead and plucked by the pastors children for their feathers. To everyones shock, hours later the geese awoke and staggered around naked.

The Pastors own congregation was horrified by the sight and demanded the geese be slaughtered. But listeneing to the pleas of his children he decided to take a stand and defend the Naked Flock.

The Naked Flock is now available at: Pecks Liquors, Bank Street, Warwick. Fetch Restaurant, 48 Main St. Warwick, Larry's Deli, Galloway Rd. Warwick NY, Beverage Plus, South Street Warwick NY, Hopped Up Cafe, Lucas Ave High Falls NY, Dive Bar Amsterdam Ave NY NY, Rock and Rye New Paltz NY, Bronx Ale House 216 West 238th St. Bronx NY, Harlem Public Broadway NY NY.

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Naked Flock Original Cider

Naked Flock Draft Cider

Naked Flock Original Cider
Naked Flock Draft Cider

Naked Flock Original Hard Apple Cider. True Hudson Valley Cider fermented from fresh apples, not concentrate and flavorings. It's naturally gluten free. Fermented with Champagne yeast, sweetened with local honey and lightly carbonated. It's Hard Cider without compromise.

Naked Flock Draft Hard Cider, Fermented from fresh Hudson Valley Apples with Belgian Trappist Ale Yeast. No Malts, grape spirits, flvorings or colorings added. Naturally gluten free. It's a full flavored cider without compromise.



Open Friday-Sunday 11-5pm. March thru December.
July & August Open until 6pm on Saturday
CLOSED January & February.
We are only 1 hour from the George Washington Bridge, 45 minutes from Bergen County, 15 minutes from Woodbury Commons
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